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Cure Leaky Gut Syndrome / Toxic Colon with Alpha PSP

Published by in Leaky Gut Syndrom / Toxic Colon · 8/11/2013 11:30:08
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Leaky gut syndrome—also known as toxic colon—is a condition originating in the digestive system that can cause symptoms across the body. Individuals suffering with leaky gut syndrome suffer as a result of their bowel being more permeable than it should, leading to excess toxins, pathogens, and destructive microbes passing through the gut and into the bloodstream. Usually, the gut acts as a vital part of the immune system that mediates what passes through to the blood. When the body has extra toxins to deal with, the patient suffering from toxic colon may experience fatigue, nausea, and aching muscles. As such symptoms are chronic, they can become incredibly wearing.

Although leaky gut syndrome is massively under researched, the functional food developers behind Alphamil / Alpha PSP have worked to meet the requirements of existing knowledge that focuses on this area. The medical food Alpha PSP contains pro-enzyme and digestive enzyme supporting molecules, which makes the process of digestion easier. By activating existing digestive enzymes, this health supplement supports the gut in its usual functions, which allows the intestinal villi to repair. With repaired intestinal villi, the gut is less ‘leaky’ which in turn means that fewer damaging toxins and molecules pass through to the bloodstream.

As well as preventing excessive permeability, Alpha PSP’s ability to repair the intestinal villi means that nutrient absorption at the gut wall is simpler. As a gluten-free nutritional supplement, it is compatible with most dietary requirements. By using highly concentrated polysaccharides, Alpha PSP can readily release energy in the form of ATP at a cellular level. As ATP is a key component in energy production, this supports the gut and colon in many ways. As the body digests food, blood and energy reserves are re-directed to the colon en-masse. When food is consumed late at night, or when digestion is slow, this can cause insomnia. In the case of leaky gut syndrome, providing extra energy can reduce some of the fatigue experienced with the condition. Alongside any prescribed medications and a healthy lifestyle, Alpha PSP can minimize such symptoms.

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