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Thai Rice for Better Life

Published by Wellness Asia in Thai rice · 15/4/2013 21:53:43
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Rice is well known to the Thais (and most Asians) from the day they are weaned from breast-feeding, and has played an important role especially to the Thai people's way of life since olden times. It can be said that rice is the product originated from the endeavor and the industrious aspects of the ancient Thai people. Rice has been the bloodstream, nourishing Thailand from the past. In addition, rice also inherited the nation's valuable legends, passing on from generation to generation. Therefore all the Thai people have always realized the essential value of rice.

The effectiveness of using Thai rice to treat various ailments dates back many centuries, when ancient Thai folk medicine doctors successfully treated their patient with a liquid concoction containing natural herbs and native rice gruel.

These ancient healers knew that the human body has a natural power to heal itself when it is fed with the right quality of nutrients that the body can recognize as food for the production of cellular energy.

In fact, we all have our ancestors to thank for having chosen this current geographical location for Thailand, because Thailand is now situated in the diversity of both wild and cultivated rice, as Thailand today has more than 3,500 varieties, names and characters of rice. Even though there are at least 23 kinds of rice in the world, only two are cultivated for consumption, i.e. Asia rice (Oryza sativa Linn.) and Africa rice (O. glaberrima Steud). Both have various genetic diversities and have at least 120,000 varieties with different names and characters.

Compliments should go to the Thai ancestors who have chosen the right variety of rice for each particular environment in order to obtain premium excellence today. In fact, Thai rice won the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd plus another 8 prices in the World Rice Contest in 1933, held in Regina, Canada, where 150 rice items participated in the competition.

This is mainly a result of 100,000 years of natural, organic mineral accumulation in Thai soil, and 10,000 years of natural spirulina accumulation & production, which enables Thailand to cultivate highly nutritious, quality rice as an exceptional functional food.

Thailand is therefore considered as one of the largest collectors and providers of natural energy in the form of rice grains to enhance the healing power of humankind. Thailand's natural, organic resources are also considered the largest plantation in the world. Thailand, in association with the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), is known to be leading the world in rice research with the aim to produce rice to feed the world's rapidly expanding human population.

Since the early 1990's, scientists and doctors in Thailand have successfully combined the Thai folk medicine techniques and theory with modern sophisticated hydrolysis, without using enzymes, acids or chemicals. Instead, it uses the power of indirect heat at controlled temperature coupled with high pressure to process selected fractions of specific strains of rice to obtain Alpha PSP, a nutrient compound in the form of a pulverized functional food supplement. This Alpha PSP has demonstrated in clinical practices its ability to aid thousands of individuals in the alleviation from unnecessary metabolic disorders and chronic illness, which are the main causes of premature ageing and death among men and women living in today's industrialized societies.

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