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Frequently Asked Questions

Health supplement FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Alpha PSP

Q. What can Alpha PSP do that other products cannot?
A. The best source for cellular function is a high, bioactive form of essential elements that improve the cellular environment to create a harmonious basis for ultimate gene expression. It has been proven that Alpha PSP can work both in-vitro and in-vivo to correct degenerative health problems at the cellular level.
In-vitro studies show its efficacy in preventing injuries of neuronal cells from neurotoxins, such as betaamyloid, glutamate, and peroxides. In-vivo studies show that within 90 days, at a dosage of three measured scoops per day, Alpha PSP is able to reverse the blood chemistry profile of individuals suffering from many kinds of cardiovascular and degenerative disorders.

Q. Is Alpha PSP safe for pregnant or lactating women?
A. Because Alpha PSP is a form of a whole food complex, it may provide all the basic nutrients needed by most women. Although Alpha PSP has not caused any problems in pregnant or nursing women, they are asked to consult with their physician before taking Alpha PSP, as they would for any supplement.

Q. Can Alpha PSP be taken along with medications, and will it interfere with the efficacy of medicines if they are taken together?
A. Reports of adverse reactions have not been forthcoming from physicians who administer Siam Alpha PSP together with medications. Doctors, who have had experience using  Alpha PSP along with their medication programs, including chemotherapy and radiation, have observed faster recovery from illnesses in their patients. Patients that have been on Alpha PSP for a period of time may ask their doctor to readjust their modification, often times lessening the dosage and/or eliminating the medication entirely.

Q. Who would benefit the most from Alpha PSP?
A. Studies show daily intake of this natural whole food product can be extremely beneficial to brain function. People who are suffering from degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s benefit the most. People suffering from arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and stroke greatly benefit from Alpha PSP.

Q. Will I go through a “healing crisis?”
A. A healing crisis is when the body’s natural defense systems are waging war on the illness itself and is trying to purge the illness from the body. People whose systems are quite toxic may go through a healing crisis. During this time, symptoms may worsen. However, this healing crisis will normally only last a few short days, and when over, the body heals very rapidly. Improvements in health will be extremely noticeable. The healing crisis can be uncomfortable, but once it has passed people have been astounded at how well they begin to feel. In all cases Alpha PSP has produced positive results that have been observed in a time period ranging from a few days to as many as 12 weeks, normally averaging four to eight weeks.

Q. Can healthy people take Alpha PSP?
A. Alpha PSP is particularly valuable to individuals whose bodies are subjected to more than the usual “wear and tear.” That includes those who exercise regularly and those who are exposed to environmental stress in today’s world. Modern life styles force most people to live under stress, leaving them little or no time to manage their health. Supplementing with Alpha PSP is important for our modern society even if they believe they are healthy.

Q. Is Alpha PSP safe for pets?
A. Because Alpha PSP is not species-specific, it can be given to your pets without any problem. Sprinkle a little into their food, depending on the size of the animal, and encourage them to drink plenty of water. Pets will benefit in exactly the same way as humans.

Alpha PSP dosage

Dosage of servings:

Adult healthy individuals:
5 grams / day, before breakfast

Chronically ill individuals:
3x5 grams / day before meal for at least 90 days or as advised by your medical practitioner.

Children under 12 years old:
3x2½ grams / day before meal.

It is recommended to reduce the intake of simple sugars, such as refined sugar, sweetened foods, white bread, pasta, and dairy products when taking Alpha PSP.
It is b
est consumed in a glass/cup of warm or hot water. Alpha PSP can be mixed with coffee, tea, or any other hot liquid foods, but it should not be boiled.

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