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Alpha PSP Functional Food Ingredients

Rice-based functional food

What are the ingredients of Alpha PSP?

The main ingredients/nutrients in Alpha-PSP are completely natural food products obtained from specially selected fractions of specific native strains of rice grains; therefore, it is as safe as any other staple food products. The process employed in the production of Alpha-PSP consists of controlled levels of mechanical high-pressure, temperature, and heat without using any chemical, enzyme, or acid. Therefore, it is safe for chronically ill individuals as well as individuals who have been diagnosed to be on the borderline of developing degenerative disease. Since it was discovered in 1995, there have not been any reports of adverse reactions when Alpha-PSP is used together with medications. It is as safe as eating oatmeal along with medications. Doctors and health practitioners who have had experience using Alpha-PSP, along with their medication programs, have observed faster recovery from illness in their patients.

Alpha-PSP contains all these naturally derived nutrients in “alpha” form:

  •    Polysaccharide available as biological fuel

  •    Polypeptide, the amino acids available in the right quantity and ratios to be used as raw materials for the cells to    perform their functions effectively

  •    Natural vitamins from plants

  •    Organic natural minerals

  •    Phytonutrients from plants

Alpha PSP is 100 percent vegetarian (vegan). This natural health product is hypoallergenic and contains no dairy, wheat, sugar, chemicals fillers, binders, artificial flavors, additives, preservatives, or genetically modified organisms (non-GMO), while it has no known side effects.

Licensed by the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand (12-1-09448-1-0038)

"There are many drugs in the market but most if not all, are chemical-based and can often do harm in the long term due to the drugs' side-effects. But supplements from natural sources like rice can create a positive response with patients without side-effects,"
Dr. Mark Dargan Smith, University of Natural Medicine, San Dimas, CA, USA, Chairman of the Board

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